Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Be the pig

I am coming upon one of the longest nights in creation...the night of our school's Open House. I really love to put in 15 hours days! Of course, I could make tire skid marks as I race the teachers to get out of school as the bell rings, so I can run home, while my wife is still at work and do nothing for about an hour and then turn right around...but considering that it would be about an hour's worth of drive time round trip...I think not.

As I normally drive home, I turn on ESPN 1000, the Mac. Jurko and Harry show. As I am driving home, I hear the following parable in a commercial that I cannot remember about commitment. Please enjoy:

As you sit down to a breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon, take the time to think about it...sure, the chicken was involved, but the pig was committed!

I am a firm believer that there are some things that I can change and there are some things that I cannot. If it is something that I can change, I will work on improving a situation. If it is something I cannot change, I simply need to roll with the punches. Open house can sometimes be a right cross.

I need to be the pig about Open House. It really is nice to have the parents in the building for an enjoyable evening of meeting the teachers and seeing the building. I have to recognize that I need to commit to this night and accept it for the positive and hope-filled evening that it can be!

I will be the pig...but let's hope my fate is a little better that old Wilbur who "donated" to the breakfast!

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