Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Olympics are killing me!

I look forward every year to the beginning of a new school year. There is the excitement of hearing about all the interesting things teachers and students did over the summer, getting to know the new students to the building, and just the general hope and honeymoon phase happiness of the new school year.

I have none of that this year...reason being...the 29th Olympiad.

I generally love the Olympics. The sense of national pride, the competition, the women's beach volleyball...all spectacular parts of the Olympics. The issue I am having is that I have to stay up until 11 or 11:30 at night to get the results and watch the actual competitions and I am not in my 20's anymore.

I have a pregnant wife at home and when she cannot sleep, neither can I. Combine that with me HAVING to stay up later to watch the Olympics and the results that we get are me eating late a night and being a zombie morning. Increased weight gain, little sleep and high blood pressure...the Olympics are going to kill me!

If it was just the Olympics or just the pregnant wife, I think I could deal with it. But put together...I am very close to losing it. is ruining my start to the school year. This is such a great time of year full of hope and optimism. New students excited to start school again; New teachers eager to influence children for the better...I have to keep the good feelings going.

Thank goodness that the Olympics are only going to last until the 24th!

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