Friday, September 26, 2008

Sleep is for Wussies!

For some, or most (how many of YOU are out there reading this?), you may not be aware that on September 9th, my wife gave birth to our first child! We are ecstatic about his arrival. He is perfect and the cutest baby around. So, I will introduce you to Logan.
Logan is getting better at eating and is a decent sleeper. In general, he does not cry or scream. The only times he does is when he is hungry and when we lay him down to change his diaper. As soon as we pick him up, he is quiet and smiley.
When I was in college, I would pull all-nighters all of the time. Working on 2-3 hours sleep was no big deal; happened probably 1-2 times a week. I would be able to study all night, go take an exam, score well on it and then go out to celebrate that night. That is when I came up with the theory that Sleep is for Wussies!

To quote Barenaked Ladies, "Who needs sleep?". While I have not been up since the second world war, the amount of sleep that I have received in the past 15 days has been comparable to those wonderful college days. Logan is up and feeding about every 2 hours. My wife is amazing and really supports my theory. I have done some considerable research on this topic and had some favorable data to support my hypothesis.
I have recently gone back to work to add another challenge and variable to the experiment. I must say that the first day back was very odd. It was as if I had never worked before. I sat at my desk, stared at my computer, had multiple conversations about the delivery, showed pictures of Logan to anyone who I could walk faster than; but all in all, I could not really focus on projects that needed to be completed, or even think about what my responsibilities are.
But still, I had data to support my theory. I have been successful before on minimal amounts of sleep. I can handle it! I will persevere. I must! After all, have you seen how cute my child is?!
A good scientist and educator is one who is reflective. They must examine the current data and observations, and continue to evaluate the current situations. With that in mind, I have reached a conclusion based on my 15 years of research!
I am a wuss.

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