Thursday, January 15, 2009

Not really a snow day

To quote someone that I know from high school..."Today isn't really a snow day for you. It is more like a don't freeze your butt off day".

As the air temperature climbed to a balmy -14 degrees Fahrenheit I had one thought echo in my head... MAN THAT IS COLD!

What were you thinking it was going to be? Something profound? At that temperature the synapses in my brain don't all work. It was more of a survival mode out there.

Since it is not really a snow day, do I really have to get things done around the house? I was able to use my new Blu-Ray player which is cool, but I could not watch anything else since Dish Network sucks and somehow has sent us 3 defective receivers. They will be able to get someone out to us on Saturday. (We called about this problem on Sunday) How's that for customer service?

But I digress...since it is a limbo sort of day, I cannot get myself to really do anything productive. Is that bad?

That is it. You have inspired me. I will make sure that laundry gets done to help out the wife. I will pick up around the house. It won't be spotless, but things will get done.

Thank you for your help. (Of course, all of this is to help me avoid the paper that I have to write, but that is a different issue.)

Enjoy the "Don't freeze your butt off day"!

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