Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What do you think the blocks represent?

I have recently gotten on the bandwagon of the importance of the instructional coach to improve both the teaching and learning in the classroom. As I search for ways to improve my coaching skills and time available to coach, I have begun to recognize challenges that have been presented in the book Taking the Lead.

Before I delve into the challenges, people new to the concept of instructional coaches might have some basic questions. Michelle Russell posted a quick introduction resource to coaching. She found the resource from Larry Ferlazzo and Elena Aguilar . This 4 minute video describes some of the key components of the coaching relationship.

As I have explored and learned more about coaching, it is very important to understand that it is a relationship that is being cultivated between the coach and the teacher. It is a very different relationship than than of the administrator/teacher and also different than the relationship between mentor and mentee.

Because it is all based on the relationship and expectation between the teacher and the coach, both participants need to know and establish the expectations with the administration to the former does not get violated.

I found the video to have some quality symbolism, some overt and some more covert. The safety net is one of the overt examples. A teacher and coach learning together should be able to fall in front of one another and know that they will not get hurt. The covert symbolism is in the vagary of the blocks. I think the blocks represent resources, pedagogy, data and the deeper understanding within each and how they build upon one another.

What do you think the blocks represent?

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